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Get to Know HCG

  • What is HCG?

    What is HCG?

    hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that supports and aids normal functions in both the male and female’s reproductive systems.

  • How Does HCG Aid Weight Loss?

    How Does HCG Aid Weight Loss?

    hCG injections sometimes referred to as hCG shots, are the medical form of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

  • How Does the HCG Injections Diet Work?

    How Does the HCG Injections Diet Work?

    By injecting yourself with hCG hormone daily during a period of low-calorie consumption, you mimic this scenario.

HCG Diet

Safe and Effective way to lose weight

HCG Medical Weight Loss – HCG Diet

When it comes to dieting to lose weight, there are many options available. People try to burn fats at all costs quickly and efficiently, and many of them have certain controversies as they promise miraculous results. For example, have you heard of the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet?

HCG Medical Weight Loss is a method that consists of a diet focused exclusively on the consumption of a few calories per day (about 500). In addition to the use of the “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin” hormone, which is a natural hormone found in pregnant women.

Through studies conducted by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s, who was researching boys with problems in the pituitary gland, it was found that their side effects reduced appetite, facilitating weight loss.

Soon after, he created the theory that diet mobilized fat located in the hips and induced the body to use it as a form of fuel for the cells. In the face of this, the diet began to become popular, thanks to favorable testimonials, which showed, in fact, that it worked.

hcg diet

hcg diet

Let us know everything about this HCG Medical Weight Loss methods:

What is the HCG diet?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced during pregnancy and used in fertility treatments. However, in the 1950s, this hormone was first used for weight loss. And because of that, the HCG diet came about.

The diet is characterized by a low-calorie intake, usually 500 calories per day, associated with the use of the hormone.
The purpose of the diet is to promote the burning of body fat, especially in the hips, thigh and waist regions, reduce hunger, promote a sense of well-being, maintain high energy levels, and many other benefits.

How does HCG Diet work?

The HCG diet is divided into four phases, which we will detail below. It is important to remember that it can only be performed after a thorough medical examination. It would also be ideal to do a follow-up with a professional.

Below are the phases of the diet, check them out:

Phase 1:

The initial part of the diet is one where the person who wants to lose weight can freely consume food for about two days. This is done to ensure that the person wanting to lose the weight is well-nourished and has complete fat deposits before he or she continues with the diet.
At this stage, it is essential to stay well-hydrated, ingesting enough fluid, practicing exercise with good frequency and eating well. It is recommended that at this phase that one chooses foods that have good nutritional value. It is important at this phase by injections or orally to ingest the hormone.

Phase 2:

In this phase, this is where the diet begins. It will last a period of 20 to 40 days and will require you to strictly follow the diet plan assigned by a professional, being necessary to ingest, per day, only 500 calories, and a large portion of them coming from protein.
This phase is quite challenging because this is the stage that many people tend to give up. However, try your best to push through the urge to quit.

Phase 3:
Over time the desired results will show if one follows the diet. And it is in the third phase that requires one to maintain the diet. This is where the individual must maintain their weight and continue to nourish themselves properly.

hcg diet

Phase 4:

If the results have not been reached, then this phase is performed. The process must be repeated, taking into account the mistakes made so that they do not repeat themselves.
It is important to note that this weight loss process can be painful and time-consuming. It will all depend on the effort and discipline to maintain it.

However, as stated before, the HCG diet is the subject of several controversies and is not agreed upon by health experts. That’s because, it requires consuming 500 calories a day, which is a small number of calories for the human body.
Some studies show that this type of process, due to the lack of certain nutrients, can trigger problems such as electrolyte imbalance or mood swings. Find a specialist and find the best diet that fits your biotype.

Luckily, if you decide to take up the challenge of the HCG Medical Weight Loss method under the supervision of a proper and qualified doctor, this method is amazing and will surely get the best results possible.

Application of HCG:

The HCG diet has two basic points: the consumption of the hormone HCG, either through injection or oral applications, and the intake of only 500 calories per day. It is also advised to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates ass these add unwanted weight back.

The HCG diet has been getting more and more attention in recent years for the many benefits it has. It proposes to lose weight by consuming a very low amount of calories along with the application or intake of the hormone HCG.
The HCG diet provides accelerated weight loss because of the low-calorie intake. However, the method can cause serious health problems such as pulmonary embolism and affect male and female fertility.
In most of the dieting programs, cutting calories increases hunger. You think it is starving and that slows down your metabolic functions. While on the HCG Diet, it works opposite, this diet instructs the body to use fat reserves as an energy supply and that helps to speed up your metabolic rate.

This diet works on low-calorie intake and reduces blood cholesterol levels that eventually maintain healthy eating habits.
The HCG Injection not only helps to lose weight quickly but also gives you the additional benefits of getting you back on track to exercise regularly and more easily.

List of some of the many benefits of the HCG Diet:

Type 2 Diabetes:

This is still in the research phase, but experts have observed that after two to three weeks of the diet, there was a drop in high levels of fasting glycemia to normal levels. That is, the amount of free sugar in the blood decreases a lot, avoiding the need for medication or insulin.


When choosing a diet, the individual’s blood cholesterol profile undergoes radical changes. If the cholesterol level is normal, at the beginning of the dietary cycle, it increases and returns to the common values after the end of the procedure. In those who have high levels, it is possible that there is a transitory increase during the process.

Accelerates metabolism:

According to reports from people who endorse the use of “HCG diet”, it benefits the health by accelerating metabolism and assists in eliminating body fat.
The reason for these benefits is because of the increase of the hormone HCG in the body that would cause the body to understand that it needs to release body fat for the formation of the placenta and the fetus, but since there is no gestation, that fat would be eliminated.


It is another chronic disease highly benefited by HCG, although relapses are found after the end of the diet.

Varicose ulcer:

In this case, wound healing occurred completely and quickly.

Peptic ulcer:

Obese individuals with duodenal ulcer showed visible improvements. It shows a similarity with pregnancy when peptic ulcers rarely occur.


With the passage of days, the pressure tends to maintain at levels much better than those presented at the beginning of the cycle.

Rheumatic pains:

After only a few days, there were important improvements in rheumatic pain. After the end of the diet, patients report that the pain sometimes returns, but with less intensity than the beginning. Precisely because of the weight reduction.

Along with the benefits of the HCG diet, there also tends to be risks as well:

Of course, those who are the perfect fit for this diet can achieve the desired weight loss, but this is mainly because of the low caloric intake.
Consuming just 500 calories a day can be harmful to the health and dangerous, according to experts from the FDA, the US agency responsible for regulating the food and pharmaceutical markets.
Low-calorie consumption for some time exposes people to risks, such as gallstones, irregular heartbeat, and electrolyte imbalance.

Regarding the restrictive diet associated with HCG, the side effects include fatigue, irritability, agitation, depression, fluid retention and swelling, and even gynecomastia (breasts growth in men).
In addition, also with the use of HCG, there is an increased risk of blood clot formation which can cause stroke, thromboembolism, and other diseases and more serious consequences.

Know the HCG Diet Step-by-Step:

As we have mentioned above, the diet has four phases that if followed strictly promises to lead to weight loss.
Before starting the HCG diet, you need to do a thorough medical examination. The first phase is the easiest part of the diet, it is also called the loading phase, you can eat whatever you want in the first two days without feeling guilty.
The reason is that it is necessary to be well-nourished is so that one is ready for the following phases of the HCG diet. Some important points to follow during all the phases include:

1. Drinking plenty of water:
Water plays a very important role in our body. You need to stay well-hydrated during the HCG diet. This means you have to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water daily. This also helps with detoxifying the body.

2. Exercises:

During the loading phase of the HCG diet, walk at least one hour per day. That way you will be preparing your body for the rigorous phase of the diet. Afterward, if you feel ready, try light hiking whenever possible to prepare yourself for the next phases ahead.

3. Healthy foods:

Although there are some stages that are not restrictive and allow the consumption of fatty foods, it is not a bad idea to choose healthy foods. Always avoid low glycemic index carbohydrates and sugars.

After reading about HCG Medical Weight Loss, there are many other questions that might come to one’s mind – time to discuss them:

Am I allowed to drink milk-based products during the HCG Diet?

While you are on the HCG diet, you are allowed to drink a very limited amount of milk. One cup of milk per day is allowed for tea or coffee. This is very difficult for some at first, but it becomes much easier as time progresses.

Can I drink dietary drinks with the HCG Diet?

You should not drink diet drinks during the HCG diet. It is better to stick to plain water and maybe a glass of tea or coffee per day.

Can I drink alcohol during the HCG Diet?
The HCG diet is very specific about what one can consume. The people who cut corners will not lose so much weight. The chemical composition of everything in the diet is very specific. Simply, don’t drink alcohol during your dieting process. Nothing bad will happen, but it will ruin your diet and weight loss plan.

Can I eat watermelon during HCG Diet?

Watermelon is not allowed until the HCG protocol is maintained. It is a food of “caution” for the first three weeks of maintenance because it is higher in sugar than many other fruits.
The best plan is to avoid cautious foods until the weight stabilizes in maintenance. This means that your weight does not fluctuate more or less than 2 pounds for at least a week in a row.

Can I have eggs on the HCG Diet?

Yes, you can occasionally have eggs as a meat substitute. When eating eggs on the HCG diet, a portion of protein is a whole egg plus three egg whites. Occasionally, it usually means twice a week. Occasionally, you can even have 1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese as a portion of your protein.

Contraindications of HCG:

The HCG diet is not for:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Women with large ovarian cysts
  • Women with unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Women with ovarian cancer, breast or uterus
  • Women with a tumor in the hypothalamus
  • Women with thrombosis
  • Women who are allergic to HCG

Cares that must be taken during the period of the diet HCG:

During the duration of the diet, the participant should not drink any alcoholic beverages, do massages of any kind, no over-exercising, should not tan and should not use medicines to lose weight.

During the period that the woman is menstruating, the hormone injections should not be used during this time, only with the diet.

The recommended idea is always that before starting any type of diet a nutritionist should be consulted so that they know what should be followed to guarantee an efficient weight loss for each case.

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